Is the Fuel Plan a Diet?

Keto? Can’t stay on it at my kid’s birthday party. Low carb? NOPE- no one is a happy person with low blood sugar. “Clean” eating? Well… I am a working mom trying to juggle more than I know what to do with so yeah… I end up at Chick-fil-a… often. 

This is why I cannot subscribe to any diet. Because in the game of life, life will always win and the unexpected pops up: kids get sick, work deadlines creep up, and some days I just can’t. I live this. I see this struggle in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my clients. Unless you are a professional athlete and your JOB is to train and fuel… chances are you fall somewhere in this place of wanting to be healthy but not having the time you think you need to do so. And most of us are so busy we have disconnected from our body and we don’t recognize key biofeedback markers in connection to the foods we eat.

This is why I created the Fuel Plan. An all foods-fit approach to guide you on how to make the most of your eating patterns based on what you ALREADY eat and tailored to get you to your goal. Every day we have a to-do list. This never-ending list is how we get **IT done. Fuel Plan utilizes the checklist approach and teaches you how much and what kind of fuel your body needs, without asking you to count calories, measure your food, or throw out all the desserts! I want all my clients to feel confident in their food choices without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by macros, measurements, and restrictions. 
I eat based on a beautiful balance of discipline and permission. Intentional eating to work towards my goal, but enough permission to enjoy some of my favorites so I don’t get caught up in the shame and guilt of eating “bad”. It is an awesome place to be and I want everyone to feel this food freedom. 

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